Earn Vaults Shutdown
Important Update:
Polynomial is discontinuing the Earn Vaults, and transitioning into withdrawal-only mode starting 25 May 2023. We’re refocusing on scalable solutions for a decentralized future. Read more
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APY: 6.85%
Call Selling
πŸ¦„ Bearish, Moderately Bullish
This strategy is good for: πŸ“‰ Bearish, Moderately Bullish
Not ideal for: πŸ“ˆ Extremely Bullish Market
Current Deposits
23,788 sUSD
Max Capacity
500,000 sUSD
Total Projected Yield (APY)
Total Projected Yield (APY)
Calculated by getting the average of the past 4 week's annualised performance. Average of past 4 week's weekly yield (in the money weeks are excluded).
This Week's Projected Yield (APY)
This Week's Projected Yield (APY)
Expected annualised performance for the current week, if options expire out of the money.
Last Week Yield (APY)
Last Week Yield (APY)
Annualised performance based on last week.
Historic Yield (APY)
Historic Yield (APY)
Annualised average yield from inception (in the money weeks are included).
Vault Token Price